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Digital Grievance Procedure for Supply Chain Due Diligence

WhiteBox is the most advanced grievance (complaint) procedure for value-chains enabling companies to efficiently collaborate with direct and indirect suppliers for resolving human rights and sustainability risks

Empower Voices, Elevate Standards!

WhiteBox is a grievance and tip reporting portal that empowers value-chain stakeholders to report incidents of sustainability violations, human rights abuses, crimes, and other unethical business practices. Increasingly, companies around the world are put under the responsibility to ensure that their supply chain is transparent, accountable, and ethical, and WhiteBox can help them meet this responsibility. Our platform is designed to be secure, user-friendly and accessible, enabling your value-chain stakeholders to report incidents of misconduct easily and safely without fear of retaliation. By using WhiteBox, you can build a more sustainable and responsible business that is committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour in the supply chain.

Why are grievance & tip mechanisms so important?

Important pillars for effective risk management and due diligence processes

Early Warning System

Effective complaints, grievance and whistleblowing mechanisms act as early warning systems by identifying problems before they escalate. This helps you prevent or limit damage to your business in the form of damage payments, fines, or reputation.


Risk Analysis & Auditing

Grievance and tip portals can be a highly effective and efficient tool to analyse risks along your value-chain. Furthermore, they offer companies the opportunity to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of their risk management and individual due diligence processes. Therefore they also form an important building block for the further development of risk management systems.

Fraud Detection & Deterrence

In 2022, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported that 42% of occupational fraud was detected through whistleblower reports. Effective whistleblower channels can also deter malicious actors out of fear of being reported and caught.



Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), EU CSDDD, and EU Whistleblower Directive

Complaint (or grievance) procedures are a core element of many supply chain due diligence regulations including the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. Companies must have a complaints procedure through which internal and external persons can notify the company of human rights or environmental risks or violations in their own business operations as well as those of every direct and indirect supplier in the supply chain.

Compliance made simple with WhiteBox

WhiteBox is developed for full compliance with:

  • German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
  • EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (EU CSDDD)
  • EU Directive for Whistleblower Protection

Turn-key compliance in 6 steps!

Companies using WhiteBox can reach full compliance with grievance mechanism obligations contained in supply chain due diligence regulations as well as applicable data privacy & protection laws in 6 steps which are completed within minutes and without any extra expertise needed!

Set up within minutes

Ready procedures accompanied by reporting forms and policies (provided as templates) as well as an intuitive interface ensure quick and easy implementation

No expertise required

WhiteBox guides you to compliance and simplifies the establishment of complaint mechanisms

Full-Suite accompanying services

WhiteBox, together with its partners, is able to offer companies a full-suite and best-in-class service for setting up and managing complaints procedures globally.
See service providers

Consultation for setting up of a procedure & drafting of the policies

Get consultation from domain experts with decades of experience


Educational programs for staff capacity building

Train procedure administrators and managing staff on their obligations and best practices


Educational programs for stakeholder training

Educate stakeholders on their rights and how they can use the procedure effectively and appropriately


On-going services for management of procedure

Ombudsperson services, on-demand translations, consultation, legal assessments, and more

For Supply-Chains

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires companies to have their grievance procedure accessible for all affected persons along their entire supply-chain
Implementing a Grievance Mechanism that is accessible to anyone who is potentially affected by your value-chain across your entire supply chain can be a complex endeavour. The challenge intensifies when trying to engage with stakeholders of indirect suppliers. WhiteBox stands out as the sole solution in the market, facilitating seamless integration of both direct and indirect suppliers into your grievance mechanism. This integration also empowers suppliers. It safeguards business secrets, such as customer and supplier identities, and enables companies to address and refute any defamatory allegations.

Effortlessly implemented along your entire value-chain

WhiteBox facilitates the transmission of grievance reports from your entire supply chain to you. All the affected stakeholders need to know is the company and worksite that affects them. All you need to know is who your direct suppliers are.

Protect important information

WhiteBox enables collaboration and transparency for the supply chain grievance mechanism while keeping identifying information regarding suppliers and customers hidden to unauthorised third parties.

Take control over reports and procedures about your company

WhiteBox enables companies to simplify compliance for their business customers with a transparent grievance mechanism for the supply chain whilst empowering suppliers with equal transparency and control over the procedures concerning them. This enables suppliers to track and respond to any defamatory claims disguised as grievances and protect their reputation.


In the realm of grievance mechanisms for supply chains, accessibility is paramount. The holistic approach WhiteBox adopts toward accessibility ensures that all stakeholders, regardless of their location, background, skills, and knowledge, can effectively use the grievance mechanism.

Awareness & Outreach

Whether it's through online campaigns, community workshops, or NGO partnerships, WhiteBox actively seeks to educate and engage to keep stakeholders well-informed about their rights and the grievance procedure.

User Friendliness

Prioritizing user experience, WhiteBox boasts an intuitive design, ease of navigation, as well as simple and straightforward procedures; making the process of lodging grievances as straightforward as possible. For any issues, support documentation and ticketing is available.


Participation of illiterate stakeholders

WhiteBox enables illiterate stakeholders to participate through audio aided forms and AI powered speech to text transcription. Furthermore, our portal can be extended with additional channels such as AI powered telephone hotlines.

Bridging language barriers

Language barriers are eliminated with WhiteBox. Whilst the form is already translated into over 30 languages (we are constantly working on adding more, and specific languages can be added on request), reporting stakeholders can input information in any language. The report then can get translated into any language for administration (click here for more information on the translation features for administrators).

Expandable with add-on channels

WhiteBox allows for manual entry of reports for others, by persons such as HR representatives, ombudspersons, or auditors. Furthermore, it can easily be accessed with APIs and thus can be extended with additional reporting channels such as:

  • Human operated telephone hotlines,
  • AI/Robot operated telephone hotlines, and
  • Other digital reporting channels.

Statistics & Analysis

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires companies to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their complaint procedures and conduct risk analyses.
Make use of statistics and graphs for reviewing of effectiveness, risk analyses and discovery of trends. WhiteBox automates the collection of statistics from received grievance reports and enables you to analyse the collected data through various customisable and detailed graphs directly on the platform. This gives you the foundation for effectiveness evaluations and helps you to detect evolving risk trends as well as high-risk worksites, suppliers, regions, and sectors during your risk analyses.

Automatic collection of statistics

Automatically collect a comprehensive set of statistics associated with incoming reports and the procedures

Analyse and discover trends

Display and monitor collected statistics in a variety of detailed graphs and charts

Identify high-risk links

Identify high risk sectors, regions, suppliers and own worksites with the help of data visualisation

Export anonymised data

Easily export anonymised data in .csv for compliant use and import to external analytics programs

Effective Grievance Management

Organise | Automate | Streamline | Monitor

Utilise WhiteBox to effortlessly manage received reports on human rights and sustainability risks or valuations. With WhiteBox your staff can handle incoming grievances in a fast and efficient way.


Risk Categorisation

Reports are automatically categorised by relevant ESG Risk and categories

While reporters can categorise the ESG Risk manually during report creation. WhiteBox uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse an anonymised version of the report to suggest an ESG Risk which can be replaced with the manually entered risk. This ensures integrity of data for further automation, streamlined processing, and for the collection of statistics.

Spam Management

Automated and meticulous anti-spam management system

The first machine learning algorithm automatically prevents bot submissions. The second one checks every report for spam and returns information such as a spam score. Obvious spam gets sorted out automatically, suspicious reports get flagged and presented for additional review.

"Out of Scope" Flagging

AI powered flagging system for complaints which are out of scope

An anonymised version of the report is run through our AI powered system to determine if the complaint is within the scope of European Supply Chain Due Diligence regulations. "Out of Scope" reports are flagged yet can be processed by administrators if they wish to do so.

Stakeholder Updates

Automatically update stakeholders with information on the progress of the procedure

WhiteBox automatically updates reporting stakeholders on the status and progress of the procedure facilitating transparency and fostering trust.


Automated translations expanded with human capabilities where necessary

Get automatic translations into english from- and to- over 30 languages (powered by DeepL API). Where this is not enough, human translation services can be integrated directly into the platform.

Responsibility Delegation

Automatic delegation of main responsibility and procedure leadership

WhiteBox automatically delegates the main responsibility of the procedure to the company with an active account that is the closest and largest in the value chain. All other companies can still collaborate and take their own actions.

Standardised Procedure

Effective, simple and organised handling of reports

Administrators are digitally guided into standardised and structured procedures ensuring compliance and effectiveness.

Organised Dashboard

Gain a quick overview and easily navigate multiple reports

WhiteBox features a user friendly and intuitive dashboard making the management of grievances as easy as possible for administrators.

Integrate Subsidiaries

Manage the grievance procedures of all affiliated companies with one solution

WhiteBox offers seamless integration of all group companies complaints procedures into one dashboard from where it can be managed in unison.

Track Progress

Easily enforce deadlines and track statuses of reports

Set company wide procedural deadlines and let WhiteBox track statuses to notify administrators of approaching deadlines. Easily follow how many reports have been in which status for how long.

Set & Track Actions

Manage responses together with stakeholders & involved companies

Set and track actions in response to received complaints, as well as the actions taken by your suppliers and customers. The effectiveness is assessed in combination with feedback from the reporting stakeholder.

Track Issues

Create issues and group reports to track developments

Administrators can create and manage issues under which reports can be grouped to track developments on a certain topic. The system will automatically suggest matching reports to add to the issue as they come in.

Assign & Exclude

Assign and exclude administrators to and from reports

Administrators may assign single reports to specific administrators or exclude administrators from specific reports

Set Departments

Effective teamwork and data segregation

Create departments to group administrators and automatically assign incoming reports based on a detailed defined scope


Keep an organised archive for end of year reporting and more

All reports are archived after the end of the procedure and can be retrieved on the platform for 2 years. Reports can be downloaded in an anonymised way.

    Documentation & Reporting

    The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires companies to continuously document the grievance procedure

    Within the framework of enterprises’ documen­tation and annual reporting obligation under Section 10, enterprises are required to contin­uously document and report publicly on complaints received and the implementation and effectiveness of preventive and remedial actions. WhiteBox enables automatic documentation and easy retrieval of all the information and metrics concerning your grievance procedure for the creation of annual reports in accordance with Section 10 of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

    Automatic documentation & archive

    WhiteBox enables your company to automatically document its complaints procedure

    Assessment of actions

    Every action taken in response to a report is documented together with a rating of effectiveness given by administrators as well as the reporting stakeholder.

    Streamlined report creation

    Information required for the annual report can be downloaded in a structured format with the click of a button

    Integrated Service Providers

    WhiteBox facilitates seamless integration for consultants, offering comprehensive support ranging from policy drafting to ongoing management of the grievance procedure. With their own accounts, consultants can easily assimilate into their clients' systems, thanks to WhiteBox's modular access management capabilities. This feature ensures that consultants can provide tailored, efficient assistance in every aspect of the grievance process, enhancing the overall effectiveness and compliance of your procedures.

    Legal Assesments

    Mediation Services

    Ombudsperson Services

    Translation Services

    Auditing Services

    & More

    Certified Services

    Professional grievance and whistleblowing management services by trained staff of certified firms around the world

    Select firms with regional expertise to support your compliance department

    Full-suite set up and management services for your WhiteBox and additional grievance mechanisms

    Highly qualified consulting services for grievance and whistleblowing procedures

    Learn More

    Collaboration & Communication

    Collaborate and communicate with value-chain links as well as stakeholders across your supply-chain

    Collaboration is key for supply chain due diligence compliance however equally difficult in complex and global supply chains. WhiteBox enables easy and structured task based collaboration between companies, their business customers, suppliers (both direct and indirect), reporting stakeholders, and NGOs, whilst at the same time protecting the integrity of data and business secrets belonging to all parties through automated anonymisation when necessary.

    Communicate with reporting stakeholders even when they remain anonymous

    WhiteBox enables that investigations can be conducted and feedback can be collected even when there is no contact information improving the trustability of the procedure.

    Collaborate with involved organisations even when they remain anonymous

    WhiteBox ensures that customer and supplier data of your company is not shared with any unauthorised third parties whilst still enabling collaboration between organisations in the same supply chain.

    Receive feedback from stakeholders on effectiveness of implemented actions

    Feedback in regards to the implemented action is requested from Stakeholders before a report is resolved. The stakeholder can also provide feedback on the effectiveness of the procedure as a whole.

    Integration with Compliance- and
    Risk Management Software

    & other customisations

    Integrate our platform seamlessly with any compliance and risk management software using our APIs. This integration will enhance your risk management features. For more details and to begin the integration process, please reach out to us.

    Customisations, Extensions & Integrations

    Customized and tailor-made solutions by our team of experts in law and technology ensure that our platform meets your company's specific requirements. Some suggestions can even be added by our team at no extra cost for you.

    Customize any aspect of WhiteBox

    Connect WhiteBox with other systems

    Extend WhiteBox with additional channels

    Create new solutions

    Contact us

    Data Security & Compliance

    Compliance with data protection regulations and security best practices guard the integrity of data in the WhiteBox system

    • EU GDPR
    • BDSG (Germany)
    • KVKK (Turkey)

    & many more

    Learn more

    Access Permission Settings

    Highly modular access rights management on department & user levels for regions, risk categories, processing stages, suppliers, clients (for service providers), and more

    Account Security

    Mandatory high security passwords and optional two factor authentication login

    IT Security

    Utilising best practices in IT infrastructure security (click here for more information).

    Data anonymising

    Automatic data anonymisation for compliant further processing in external systems

    WhiteBox for Companies

    The universal portal to report and notify relevant companies of human rights and sustainability violations or risks in supply chains. Watch our video for more information.

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    Base Plans

    The base plans contain all required features for the implementation of an effective and compliant grievance mechanism along your value chain. Currently the dashboard and administrative elements in the software are translated into 4 languages (English, German, Turkish, & Polish). Up to 20 languages in total can be added on request. This does not effect the report creation form which is available in any language as explained above.

    For Responsible Suppliers & Businesses

    This pricing plan is applicable for companies who are not directly obligated to implement a complaints procedure but supply an obligated company or voluntarily want to implement a mechanism

    Tier 1

    up to 49 employees

    € 9

    excluding VAT, billed yearly

    Unlimited reports

    Unlimited report languages

    4 portal languages

    Free policy template

    Up to 3 administrators

    30-Day money back guarantee

    Tier 2

    more than 50 employees

    € 45

    excluding VAT, billed yearly

    Unlimited reports

    Unlimited report languages

    4 portal languages

    Free policy template

    Up to 5 administrators

    60-Day money back guarantee

    Tier 3

    more than 250 employees

    € 225

    excluding VAT, billed yearly

    Unlimited reports

    Unlimited report languages

    4 portal languages

    Free policy template

    Up to 10 administrators

    90-Day money back guarantee

    Get Started

    For Industry Leaders & ESG Pioneers

    This pricing plan applies to companies that are directly obligated by regulations to implement a grievance or complaints procedure or that are above the employee thresholds

    Tier 4

    more than 1000 employees

    € 500

    excluding VAT, billed yearly

    Unlimited reports

    6 portal languages

    Statistics add-on

    Up to 25 administrators

    Tier 5

    more than 3000 employees

    € 1200

    excluding VAT, billed yearly

    Unlimited reports

    10 portal languages

    Statistics add-on

    Up to 50 administrators

    Tier 6

    more than 5000 employees

    please contact us
    Contact us
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    Enhance your compliance with our add-on services

    excluding VAT, billed yearly


    Receive whistleblower reports from a separate channel only accessible by relevant parties

    Separate whistleblowing channel & dashboard

    Procedure compliant with EU Whistleblowing Directive

    Extra data security and flexible hosting incl. on-premise options (additional costs may apply)

    Learn More
    € 38

    excluding VAT, billed yearly


    Track statistics in relation to reports received and the associated risks to better identify trends and intensifying problems

    Activates statistics functionality & dashboard

    Automatically collect all kinds of statistics in relation to reports

    Chart all kinds of statistics in relation to filed reports

    Ability to export statistics in different formats

    Get Started


    Your branded version of WhiteBox

    € 1190
    excluding VAT, billed once (in addition to subscriptions)


    Use WhiteBox with your own brand and domain. Price is in addition to any subscriptions.

    Use your company domain, logo and name

    Based entirely on the WhiteBox system

    Further customisations possible

    Contact us


    Frequently Asked Questions ...


    These examples demonstrate the power that effective complaints mechanisms have in creating a safer, more sustainable business environment.

    Consumer Goods Company Tackles Forced Labor in Supply Chain: A multinational consumer goods company wants to identify and address incidents of forced labor in its supply chain. By using WhiteBox to gather anonymous reports from affected workers, the company can take swift action to address these violations and promote responsible business practices.
    Apparel Manufacturer Promotes Transparency and Accountability: An apparel manufacturer wants to monitor compliance with its code of conduct across its global supply chain. By using WhiteBox to gather incident reports and data on supplier performance, the company is able to identify areas for improvement and promote greater transparency and accountability in its supply chain.
    Technology Company Addresses Environmental Pollution in Supply Chain: A technology company wants to investigate allegations of environmental pollution in its supply chain. By using WhiteBox to gather anonymous reports from affected stakeholders, the company can identify the sources of pollution and take action to reduce its impact on local communities and the environment.
    Food and Beverage Company Improves Sustainable Sourcing Practices: A food and beverage company wants to monitor compliance with its sustainable sourcing policy. By using WhiteBox to gather reports on supplier performance and track progress towards sustainability goals, the company can promote responsible sourcing practices and improve its reputation among consumers and investors.
    Pharmaceutical Company Addresses Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chain: A pharmaceutical company wants to investigate allegations of human rights abuses in its supply chain. By using WhiteBox to gather anonymous reports from affected stakeholders, the company is able to take action to address these violations and promote greater transparency and accountability in its supply chain.
    Protecting workers' rights in the construction industry in the Middle East: A construction company wants to monitor compliance with its health and safety policies across its global operations. By using WhiteBox to gather incident reports and data on supplier performance, the company can identify areas for improvement and promote a culture of safety and responsibility throughout its supply chain.

    resources for companies

    Information about grievance mechanisms for companies

    Here you can find a range of resources to help promote responsible business practices and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Our resources include policies and guides related to the WhiteBox platform, as well as information on relevant legislation and best practices for ethical supply chain management. We also offer a regularly updated blog section that features articles and insights on the latest trends and challenges in sustainable business practices.
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