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Last update: June 20, 2024
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Privacy Policy 

  • What are the categories of Data Subjects?
  • Who is the data controller?
  • What data do we collect? 
  • How do we collect your data? 
  • How will we use your data? 
  • What are the legal basis for processing your information? 
  • How and how long do we store your data? 
  • How do we keep your information safe? 
  • What data do we share and who with? 
  • What are your data protection rights? 
  • What are cookies and how do we use them? 
  • Privacy policies of other websites 
  • Changes to our privacy policy 
  • How to contact us 
  • How to contact the appropriate authorities 
  • What information is processed when you contact us? 
  • How can you review, update, or delete the data we collect from you? 

File (09/09/2023):

Addendum For Residents of Turkey: 

  • Whitebox Kişisel Verilerin Korunması, İşlenmesi, Saklanması Ve İmha Politikası 

File (06/09/2023):

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